RB Coilpack upgrade (AUDI R8 COILS)

  • $360.00

RB engines are very prone to misfiring.  With the age of the coilpacks on your engine, as well as the harness, you may experience misfires, low power, rough running, idle issues, etc...

The R8 Coilpack set-up has been tried and tested by us in house on our dyno.  They offered significant power gains where even splitfire coilpacks were inusfficient.  You can likely run a larger spark plug gap at the same power level, or a higher power level without any ignition issues.

One of the largest problems we encounter when tuning RBs to the 500+ WHP range is misfiring.  Upgrade your coilpacks before straining your ignition system, and get the most out of your tune.  You will likely feel a smoother running engine, increased fuel economy and power if your old set up was failing.

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